Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spring has sprung!

It is FINALLY warm here again (and by warm I mean 55-60 degrees). Its the best! We had a picnic at the park this morning. The girls had a blast and we were all worn out by the time we got home. It was GREAT!!!


We had a little Famous Dave's this weekend. Phil couldn't be prouder of his "suck all the meat off the bones" daughters. They love ribs!

Charlie turns 4!

I know its a bit late but here are some pics from Charlie's birthday party. She had a blast and told me it was the "best best best birthday!"

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Our little Charlie is turning four tomorrow. What a blessing and a joy she is in our lives. She has become my little best buddy. Charlie is so kind, thoughtful and sweet. She LOVES school and dance as well as Barbies, Pet Shops, princesses, dress-up, movies, and animals. She is so excited to have her "Pink Poodle Party" with her friends. She has been asking me to decorate the house for her party since Thursday. Hope its all she imagines!!!!

So Proud

I have to throw props to my husband, who after much begging and coersion FINALLY got laser eye surgery. I didn't realize how much he was actually doing it for me until he said to me about six hours after surgery, "This is going to be really cool isn't it?" He was SUPER nervous because its his eyes but he did it and is now on day three of 20/20 vision! Yay Phil!

Oh baby...

No we are NOT having another one yet (one day but not now). Charlie, however, is slightly baby hungry. There is a couple in our branch who have four month old twins. Charlie watched them all through sacrament meeting one Sunday and after awhile said, "They're SO lucky." Then the other day she said, "Mom I want a baby." I clarified real or doll and then asked her who would take care of a new baby. "Austy," was the answer...apparently she has a LOT of faith in Austy's child care skills.