Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ward Luau

Yearly we have a ward luau. Its always so great. We always have some Polynesian dancers perform dances from all of the islands. As always, someone from my family gets involved in the dancing. It was Charlie's year this year. She was just spectating but check out those hips!

The Car Dealership

Once every three months we do our duty to the car and take it in for a little TLC (also known as an oil change and tire rotation). My girls LOVE this event because the blessed Lexus dealership provides quite the tasty snack bar making our hour stay a bit easier. Upon arrival the girls instantly ask for a doughnut. Fortunately they had two sprinkle doughnuts. Let me just say I have never seen anyone else in there EVER with children. The girls happily ate their doughnuts in the waiting room spreading the sprinkle doughnut love all over the floor. Next came the drinks, Sprite cans in the mini fridge. Little drops here, little drops there. Once they had thrown their cans away they giggles as they watched the pop spill out and run through the trash. Then came the candy. Nerds. By the time Tate had COMPLETELY exploded her diaper (the kind that as you're cleaning it up it just seems to get worse) the waiting room was covered in sprinkles, Nerds, and Sprite. Which, did you know, when Nerds and Sprite meet on the floor and then are walked across it creates beautiful colors? I tried to sweep up the mess with my foot creating a decent pile of nerds and sprinkles in the corner but the Nerd/pop colors were there to stay.

Dance Recital

Charlie had her first Clytie Adams Ballet dance recital in June. It was such an impressive production! They danced to a live orchestra and the entire program moved very quickly. Charlie was amazing (of course). She was even invited to do an additional little part as a random bee with two other girls from her class. She was great and all grins from ear to ear afterward (it helps that the auditorium the dancers waited in for their performance time had a magician and lots of fun.) Flowers at the end also brings lots of grins, however, she has requested that next time she has a recital she gets red, white, or pink roses.

Swimming lessons

In a moment of insanity I signed the girls up for two sessions of swimming lessons in June. That meant four weeks of straight swimming lessons. I am so glad they are over! However, they both did improve a lot. Plus, I may have missed this gummy grin from Tate!