Friday, December 7, 2007

Charlie's First Dance Recital

What a crowning moment this night was (I am choosing to block out the 45 minute tantrum over her hair)! It was so fun to see Charlie out there. She did well the first dance but something flipped her trigger and she was the child that just stood there and cried while all the other girls ran around dancing for the second dance. It was so much fun none the less! The red spots on her face are "chicken pox" for her first dance.

Charlie's Solo

Before the recital started Charlie danced up on the stage by herself (there were a few other girls up there). It was the BEST performance of the night!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Family vacation...with Phil!!!

We finally dragged Phil away from work to go on vacation with us! We spent one night with Natalie's family (she was so good to watch the girls while we went to see Wicked..go see it, its a must) and then two whole days in Disneyland. Luckily, we got to be with Ava, which was the highlight of Charlie's trip. We were also able to make it out of Disneyland without looking like it had exploded on us...I did have to remind Phil a few times that once you leave the magic the magical Disneyland apparel doesn't have the same affect. Brit loved the rides so much we literally had to pry her off of a few of them. All around it was a great trip despite a few dramas, I think we all cried at one point in the magical kingdom except Phil but I'm pretty sure there were a few times he really wanted to!

Temple Square Lights

Thanksgiving weekend we decided to join the masses at Temple Square where there is NO parking but we did find some under the conference center. The girls were both so excited...on the way there Charlie thought the refinery lights were Christmas lights. It was so much fun and so beautiful as always. Those Mormons sure know how to do Christmas ;)