Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Piercings and Dandelions

Brit picked some dandelions this week and was following me around the house talking to me about them. She had initially picked them for Phil, which is who all her picked flowers are for, but then she always gets distracted. The conversation went something like this, "When I get married I will have these flowers for my wedding. You can wear them in your hair or hold them in your hand but they are for when you get married." That's right, as long as they're in season, Brit's flower budget will be very minimal for her wedding.

Charlie was playing around with different toys trying to turn them into earrings for about two days. I helped her fasten some of them to look like earrings (at least to her liking). Saturday morning she was playing in their little fairy hut (like a small indoor tent) and she pokes her head up and says, "Mom, can you see the hole in my ear yet?" Apparently she was in the hut with a pin (like those Olympic pins but one from Disneyland) working on putting a hole in her ear. Nothing like a five year old piercing her own ears!