Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hooray for Challenger!!!!

I am a HUGE fan of Challenger schools. In the three weeks (at half a day, three days a week) Charlie has learned SOOOOO much. She can now write her name at a legible level and knows which letters are vowels and so much more! They even teach a lot of patriotic things including songs. She was thrilled that it was her turn this week to hold the flag while they said the Pledge of Allegiance. If you're near one, sign your kids up! Its so worth it!!! Way to go Charlie!!!!

State Fair

Tickets to ride the carousel: $6
Tip for the balloon making clown: $3
Going home: Priceless

Doing "Our Part"

With gas prices on the rise (yes, they are dropping now) we decided to find a more "economical" mode of transportation for Phil. Not to worry we still have a HUGE truck parked in the garage because it is necessary for Phil to take out on property but check out our fun "commuter car"! It is really fun to drive...just like a glorified go-cart and we are loving it. (And Phil fits really very comfortably inside for all who just said, "does he even fit in there?" We get that every time someone sees it.)