Saturday, September 26, 2009

The plight of all women

Me: Charlie, don't grow up, just stay little forever.

Charlie: I can't stop growing, Mom.

Me: Why not?

Charlie: Because my bottom won't stop growing.

Join the club, honey. Join the club.

Friday, September 18, 2009

First day of school, first day of school!

I'm a bit late in publishing this post. My little Charlie started kindergarten this year. What happened??? Biggest hit - the bus. She sort of had two first days of school. They have an open house on the first day of school, take the week off and then start the next week. Strange but oh well.

And after MONTHS of talking about all the exciting things that happen at her preschool Brit finally got to start preschool herself. She LOVES it. I have to say its sad to see them go but I put Tate down and then the house is so quiet and I get so much done!


The girls and I headed to California the end of August to visit my sister and her kids. Fortunately for us we timed it just right and went while my parents and Austin were there. It was a great vacation. Busy, but fun. The girls, as always, loved the beach, Ava and Alex. Tate found that sand is just her flavor.