Thursday, March 19, 2009

Charlie is FIVE!!!

As the terrible and severely tired and distracted mom that I am this post is coming about ten days late but fortunately for me Charlie doesn't check the blog frequently so she'll never know...I can't believe my baby is FIVE. What happened??? I took her over to the elementary school to sign up for Kindergarten last week and just about cried the rest of the day because I am NOT ready for her to grow up. Seriously. Its the beginning of the end.
But this post isn't about me, now is it? We had a great celebration involving my family and the five of us. Phil and I finally broke down and got the girl a goldfish (okay, breaking down really would have been a dog but we're not ready for that kind of responsibility or chaos). Heart, the fish, gave out no more than four days later so Phil took the girls back to the pet store and Charlie picked out two new fish (guppies this time) named Shiny and Flower.
She (Charlie, not the fish) maintains the soft spoken, sweet little personality she has always had. She is so wonderful to her sisters and is trying so hard to learn how to do everything that grown-ups do. She has recently become very interested in the piano and cooking (as soon as I can teach her all I know, which isn't much, she's in charge of meals). Her toes remain her source for walking and she has learned how to stand on the very very tips in all of her shoes and will do it whenever we stand still for two minutes. She absolutely loves to draw and is exceptional at coloring, loves to sing and dance, and watch Tom and Jerry cartoons. Charlie's best friend is Brit, who is so thrilled that her older sister tells her that and is so willing to play with her the majority of the time.