Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Holidays

We started the holidays off with Britton falling off our couch and breaking her elbow on Thanksgiving!

Then Tate turned TWO! (How did that happen so fast?)

We ventured out to see the lights at Temple Square with some friends. It was quite the hit.

Then the man in the red suit came to town. Brit asks several times a week how long it will be until the next Christmas. Apparently it worked well for her this year.

Then my sister Natalie came to town. We had our first go at a sleep over with all the cousins...the kids seemed to get enough sleep but I think Nat and I got around four hours each. Regardless, we did have fun. We went to dinner at In'n'Out, Granna, Challae & Brinlee came over for some cookie decorating and playing. Then we pretty well camped out at Granna and Paka's house the rest of the week. Did I mention that Phil survived this event just fine since he was out of town sleeping uninterrupted at a hotel?

We've also had some fun days just playing in the snow!