Thursday, January 31, 2008

My Princesses

Lucky for me "Jasmine" (Charlie) and "Aurora" (Brit) showed up for a little play time today. Charlie was so kind to make sure that Brit had shoes and hat to complete her outfit. Charlie stayed in full outfit until we put her in the bath last night. Brit decided half way thru her nap that her dress was NOT comfortable.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Pres. Hinckley & Jesus

As you all know Sunday Pres. Hinckley died. What a terrible loss for us and a great gain for him as he gets to be with his sweet wife again as well as so many others who have passed before him but that have had their lives touched by him in such tremendous ways as he has mine. Not to mention his reunion with the Lord and Jesus Christ.

After my mom called me Sunday night to inform me of his passing Charlie and I had a little conversation about how Pres. Hinckley died and why I was sad because I would miss him but Heavenly Father, Jesus and Pres. Hinckley were all very happy because they were together (not that Pres. Hinckley completes the triangle but you get the picture). Charlie then asked me if Jesus was dead. I explained that he did die but he was alive again (a little complex for a three year old you may say? but I went ahead and tried to explain as simply as possible...didn't quite work). Phil is out of town this week so he called and Charlie explains to him that Jesus died. Monday Charlie had a dentist appointment and in the two split seconds I left to chase after Brit Charlie told the hygenist that Jesus died. The kind lady said "oh you mean Pres. Hinckley" and Charlie said "yes". Pretty well she has told anyone that has a moment to talk to her that Jesus died. There is a little confusion in that sweet little head but so cute none the less.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Its in the works!

Good news! No, I did not find my camera yet (that would be GREAT news-and obviously holding onto the dream since I said yet) but I have ordered a new one today thanks to a diligant father who was good enough to pretty well research it out and hook me up as to what to buy. I have been procrastinating because I have this hope and dream that my old one will magically appear but I'm giving up so farewell G & C wedding photos, farewell Christmas photos and HELLO newer/better camera. Stay tuned!

Yes, this is a very pink blog but if you ever meet our girls (especially Charlie) pink is what we are all about. Every once in a while Phil will remind me that he does love yellow.

The picture is of Brit, Charlie, and Ava (cousin) at the beach. My hope and dream is that one day Utah will rise above freezing temperatures and we can all be sunny and warm again. Gotta love that January gray. But until then...go ski Powder Mountain!

And to correct an earlier post, we do have a few more friends' links on our blog. Not that it matters to everyone else but I would hate if any of our friends felt like I had skipped over them because we have made several great friends through our married life adventures.

Natalie's Blog

To all family and friends:

You have got to check out Natalie and Preston's will die. Preston had a little fun and sabotaged Nat's blog (because as all of us lovingly include our husband's in our blog name, etc. we all know its all about us. Check it out you will laugh. And don't show your husband.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Friends & Family

Apparently I have a lot to say today and not many people to say it to! You may notice that my friends and family list has lengthened by a not fear I have not gotten more friends just added many family blogs on. My cousins are quite crafty in the blogging department so take a look if you dare enter the world of Perritons. Since Natalie & Preston are the only friends I have listed I will not be seperating my lists into Family Blogs and Friend Blogs. Wait to go Nieders! Thanks for the friendship! (I do actually have other friends just don't have their blogs and Nat's the best of friend you'll ever get).

In all the hustle and bustle...

We had a WONDERFUL Christmas. It started with Graeme and Challae's wedding, Phil SHOCKED me with a Lexus, and so much fun with little ones who really believe in Santa. Charlie told us Christmas Eve that she was going to wait up to talk to the big man himself. Luckily, she was willing to wait in bed and was asleep within ten minutes. However, she woke up the next morning quite disappointed because Santa didn't come because she never heard the reindeers' bells. Luckily, Santa did make an appearance and lots of toys were left. I would post a picture but in all the hustle and bustle of the season I have lost my camera. I'm so SAD!!! So if you happen upon a strange little camera with pictures of the cutest kids on earth and they are NOT yours please return it to me. Have a great New Year and hopefully I will be up and running again soon!