Saturday, September 26, 2009

The plight of all women

Me: Charlie, don't grow up, just stay little forever.

Charlie: I can't stop growing, Mom.

Me: Why not?

Charlie: Because my bottom won't stop growing.

Join the club, honey. Join the club.


Niederfam said...

That is AWESOME. I am still laughing.......;)

mamapickle said...

hahahahhahahaha. SHe figured it out sooo young :) Love it

the laytons said...

I'm so happy they love school- and they always look so cute! I love the answers little kids come up with :) too funny

the laytons said...

Ha ha ha ha. That's hilarious. The stories I miss when I don't get my usual Friday call in eh? I think I've recently joined that club by the way. . .gotta get back to working out. Love, Graeme

Maria said...

Oh Charlie, If you only knew how true that is. That is hilarious!